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These best practices and tips can help you improve your performance:

Clearly and accurately describe your items and return policies
  • Use lots of photos and specifics in your listings to set the right buyer expectations and minimize returns
  • Clearly state your return and payment policies in your listings and offer a 30-day return policy when possible
Keep your defect rate low
  • Make sure your items are in stock—if an item becomes unavailable, end your listing as soon as possible
  • If you subscribe to Selling Manager Pro, be sure to set up alerts so you know when your stock is running low
  • Resolve issues with buyers promptly before they ask eBay to step in and help
Ship items promptly
  • Always specify an accurate handling time in your listing—one that you’re sure you can meet
  • Deliver your package to the carrier within your stated handling time and select the same shipping service as specified in your listing
  • Add your tracking information so you can keep your buyers and eBay informed of the shipping status
Helpful tips
  • Consider using eBay labels to receive discount postage and add tracking automatically
  • Review the new customization features in the returns process to help streamline and expedite returns through automatic approvals, refunds, and replacements

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