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If you have an issue with a buyer, often the first step is to contact them and try to work things out. Here are some of the most common issues and how to resolve them.

Buyer didn't pay

If you can't resolve the issue with the buyer, or if the buyer doesn't respond, you can resend the invoice, cancel the sale, or open an unpaid item case.

You should wait 2 business days after the listing ends for the buyer to pay before reporting an unpaid item. Make sure to report it within 32 days - otherwise, we'll consider it to be paid, and you won't be able to report it.

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Buyer misusing returns

If you receive an empty package, a different item, or an item in a different condition than the way the buyer received it, you should try to resolve the issue directly with the buyer.

If you think the buyer is misusing returns, you can report them.

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Buyer leaves inaccurate feedback

Buyers are expected to leave honest feedback, even if a transaction doesn't meet their expectations. However, they're not allowed to manipulate a seller's feedback score or detailed seller ratings (DSRs) by using tactics like a combination of repeat purchaes and low DSRs.

You can report a buyer who is trying to manipulate your feedback rating.

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Misuse of the eBay Money Back Guarantee or other policy violation

Examples of buyer misuse of the eBay Money Back Guarantee include:

  • Claiming the item wasn't received
  • Returning an item that was damaged after delivery
  • Filing a chargeback after a refund was issued

Other policy violations include making unreasonable demands, leaving inappropriate feedback, and completing the sale off eBay.

If you think a buyer is violating our policies, please report it to us. We take all reports seriously, and will carry out a thorough investigation before taking any action. To protect the privacy of our members, we're unable to inform you of any actions we may take against another member.

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