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If you're unhappy with a decision on a case, you can appeal within 30 days of the case being closed.

You'll need to provide new information in your appeal, which may include:

  • Tracking details showing the buyer received the item. If the item sold for more than $750, confirmation is required
  • Photos and/or documents showing that the item matches the listing description
  • Proof that the buyer received a refund before the case was closed

To start an appeal, go to your seller dashboard, then:

  1. Expand Closed without seller resolution.
  2. Select See cases and find the item in the list.
  3. Select See details and then select Send us an appeal.
  4. For domestic purchases, select Call us. For foreign purchases, you'll need to fill out a form with more details.

Once we've received your appeal, we'll review the additional information and get back to you with a final decision.

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