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Once you close an account, you can't use it to buy or sell items. You'll also lose your purchase and sales history, feedback profile, and other account information.

If you just want to stop selling, you can deactivate your seller account by removing your automatic payment method and selling tool subscriptions. You'll still be able to bid on and buy items.

If you're considering closing your account due to a billing or purchase problem, please contact us so we can help.

If you still want to close your account, make sure:

  • All your fees are paid, and your account balance is $0.00
  • You've resolved any suspensions or restrictions
  • Your account meets our minimum seller performance standards
  • You don't have any open bids

Once you submit a request to close your account, it can take up to 30 days for it to be finalized. If you’ve sold an item in the last 60 days, it can take up to 45 days for the account to be closed, so we can meet the commitments under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. 

Your account will also be closed for all eBay businesses, such as eBay Partner Network (EPN).

If you change your mind within 30 days and decide you no longer want to close your account, you can contact us and ask to have it reopened. 

Deleting your personal information

Members from select countries have the right under privacy regulations to request that their personal information be deleted. At eBay, we’ve extended this right to all members. Once your account is in good standing, your personal information will be deleted as part of the account closure process. 

If your account is on hold, restricted, or suspended, eBay retains the right to keep your personal information to detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities.

Once your account closure request is complete, you’ll receive an email to your registered email address.

Contact us for help closing or transferring the account of a deceased eBay buyer or seller.

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