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To make it easier for buyers to find and buy what they want, we’re introducing a new product-based shopping experience powered by the eBay Catalogue where all listings for the same product are grouped together.

We’re adding categories to the catalogue in stages - read our article to see what we’ve added so far. If you need to relist your item, you should use the catalogue to do so if the category you’re selling in is included.


If an item you list on eBay doesn't sell, we can automatically relist it for you up to 8 times to get it back in front of buyers. Relisting is also possible if the buyer didn't pay, you had to cancel the order, or you had to end the listing early, but in these situations, you'll have to relist manually.

There are two ways an item can be relisted, automatically or manually:

Relist automatically

  • Auctions with a duration of 5 days or more are automatically relisted up to 8 times
  • Auctions with a 1 or 3 day duration will be automatically relisted as a 7 day auction if your item doesn't sell. We'll relist it up to 8 times but you won't be charged, and we'll send you an email each time we relist it
    • If you list using the quick listing tool, automatic relists won't count towards your zero insertion fee listings balance
    • If you list using the advanced listing form, automatic relists will count towards your zero insertion fee listings balance
  • Automatic relisting only works when an item doesn’t sell. For other conditions, you’ll need to relist manually
  • When you create a listing, automatic relisting will be selected by default. If you're using the advanced listing tool, you can deselect Automatically relist this item up to 8 times if it doesn't sellin the listing form

Relist manually

  • Auction-style listings can be automatically relisted up to 8 times
  • Use this option when you end a listing early, you cancel an order, the buyer doesn't pay, or the item doesn't sell
  • Manual relists do count towards your zero insertion fee listings balance
  • When you manually relist, you'll also be charged for any listing upgrades such as using bold text
  • To manually relist your item after the listing ends, select My eBay > Unsold or go to the listing and select Relist. You can make changes to your listing before you relist your item

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