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There are several things you can do to manage who you do business with on eBay.

Buyer requirements

You can set requirements to exclude buyers who:

  • Have a shipping address in countries you don't want to ship to
  • Have a negative feedback score
  • Have unpaid item cases
  • May bid on several items and not pay for them
  • Don't have a PayPal account
  • Have violated eBay policies

However, you can still allow certain buyers to bid on or buy your items by adding them to your exemption list.

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Block bidders or buyers

You can block up to 5,000 buyers from bidding on or buying your items. To block a buyer, add their username or email to your blocked buyers list.

To unblock a buyer, delete them from your blocked list.

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Cancel a bid

While we don't recommend that sellers cancel bids, there may be legitimate reasons for doing so, such as:

  • A bidder asks you to retract their bid
  • You can't verify a bidder's identity after trying to contact them
  • You end your listing early

Once you cancel a bid, you can't restore it.

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